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1 Citrus Nº 110 DECEMBER 2013
Excellent commercial perspectives for Tango®. GARCÍA MATEO & SINOVA


The innovative properties of this mandarin quickly grant it a good position in different markets thanks to operators like García Mateo & Sinova, which firmly banked on this variety.

Once the legal battle around Tango® was over, commercialisation is more than safe in European markets. Thus, importer García Mateo and Sinova, especialists in asparagus, strawberry and off-season mango, started a product diversification strategy last year by introducing this and other products in their range. Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Netherlands and England were the main target market, being big consumers of this citrus fruit. Acceptance was excellent even despite its recent arrival in the market, as explained Luis Sinova, administrator at García Mateo & Sinova: ‘the campaign developed properly in Europe, where we carried out scattered distribution to make the product known in the main consumer countries of mandarins.’
It’s still soon to estimate commercialisation volume of Tango® in forthcoming years. However, in García Mateo & Sinova, they are sure that it will be the most important variety in the Premium segment.
This is because Tango® features a series of characteristics that make it different from any other fruit. Above all, its seedless, has excellent flavour, is easy to peel, and its segments are easily detached, without juice running down consumers’ hands. Likewise, it doesn’t require particular handling or treatment, on field or in warehouses, so that it is quite profitable for growers. Not only its high yield per hectare, about 60,000 kg, but its traits give Tango® great value added that is starting to be acknowledged by the market. In this sense, prices are usually 15 to 25% higher than those of mandarins of similar quality, but containing seeds. ‘For instance, in chains we work with, Nadorcot was sold at ‘3.75, whereas Tango® reached € 4.95’, stated Sinova. They market this variety with the brand name Tucano, and expect to yield great success in forthcoming campaigns.



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