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2 Broccoli Nº 110 DECEMBER 2013
Freshness and best preservation, always in the spotlight. AGROMARK


90% of Spanish production of broccoli is sold in export markets. Being a vegetable that requires cooled preservation, every precaution is in order to keep it in good conditions throughout the transport chain. Agromark knows it well and guarantees top produce freshness.

Broccoli perishes quickly after harvest hence the sector keeps aiming at expanding its shelf-life, which would be rather positive for them and the market. Producers use all means within their reach to prevent broccoli from losing all healthy properties that reflect into colour, texture and aroma of this vegetable: long-life varieties, cooling chambers, innovative packaging, on-field handling platforms, etc. Murcian enterprise Agromark is a good example of this, trading about 24 million kilos of broccoli every campaign, which they deliver in a record time to the most demanding markets.

90% of their production is handled directly on field, on mobile platforms, in order to cut down the elapsed time from harvest to the produce arrival in the markets. It only visits the warehouse to be labelled and pre-cooled in chambers that take 7,600 square metres of the warehouse’s 9,000. ‘Storing temperature of broccoli must range between 0 and 2oC to be delivered so that we invest in powerful cooling systems, aiming at cutting eventual damage to the minimum and achieving better preservation during transport’, stated Carlos Domènech, Agromar’s Director of Operations. The latter is one of the three brothers who own 100% of the enterprise, which had English investors amongst its shareholders until last year. This change led the entity to diversify target markets and reduce their exports to England from 80% to 50%. The rest of their export quota is presently traded in other European countries, where besides broccoli they trade cauliflower, pointe cabbage, fennel, celery, and other produce.

Banking on product diversification, cauliflower production grows this year, as do the sweeter broccoli sprouts. Their production of organic also increases, reaching about 200 hectares in total.
The enterprise will for the time being bank on consolidating markets and production volumes, as the fire that affected their warehouse last year forced them to halt projects such as convenience broccoli products.



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