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4 Kiwi Nº 110 DECEMBER 2013
‘Zespri® system’, guarantee of quality


The multinational enterprise Zespri® owes its success to the control of every process throughout the value chain.

Advertising campaign of New Zealand Zespri® kiwifruit carried out in the 90s turned this fruit a commodity and were responsible for consumption of this product to the take-off in Spain. They keep playing an essential role, as this fruit is well rooted in our country, whose main supplier is the largest producer worldwide, Zespri®.
Aiming at satisfying the demand of kiwifruit all year round, the enterprise produces fruit in different areas in both hemispheres of the planet, so that they can supply without interruption. Its success in Spain and worldwide couldn’t be explained without mentioning their innovative production method, which led them to triumph, the ‘Zespri’ system, from which the enterprise develops all its activities. It is a control process that covers all stages, from cultivation to after-harvest and transport. Every grower must comply strictly with it, in order to ensure that kiwifruits arrive in optimal organoleptic and nutritional conditions to consumers’ households all year round.
This system includes, amongst others, aspects such as careful farmland selection, full control of the plots to ensure that every fruit is suitable for consumption, supervision performed by external labs to determine the moment of harvest, and storage in environmentally respectful cooling chambers. Regarding logistics, their kiwifruits are transported in cooled merchant ships, which pollute less than other means. It is an integral, strict control of production throughout the whole chain, which ensures product quality to the end of the process.

Thanks to it, Zespri® has consolidated its position worldwide, and in the Iberian Peninsula in particular, where there is a broad distribution network consisting of eight national operators: Eurobanan, Cultivar, Bonnysa, Frutexport, Hermanos Fernández López, Nufri, Kiwicoop and Fiel. They work hand in hand with these, carrying out a large number of promotional actions in different sale points, including tastings and information activities.
Immerse in their intense communication activities, the enterprise joined several social media this year, looking for tightening bonds with consumers and interacting with them, offering interesting contents like recipes and health tips.

Environmental aspects
One of Zespri®’s main principles is environmental respect hence they have developed, in collaboration with growers and associate researchers, a series of initiatives to reduce their carbon footprint. Amongst them, they conducted a research that allowed understanding soil carbon sequestration, Zespri Organic fruits sport compostable labels, packaging are 100% recyclable and printed with water-based inks, and they also take measures involving water-saving. In New Zealand, they only use water from naturally recharged reservoirs, such as rainfall and subterranean waters.



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